Chrissie spent her childhood immersed in her menagerie of pets, imagining and illustrating fantastical stories about what mischief they could be getting up to behind closed doors.

As an adult, Chrissie has blown the dust off these cherished pages and presented them as children’s books, fulfilling her life’s ambition to become an author. 

Her debut title ‘Alfredo’ was written at the age of twelve and illustrated at fourteen, the text originally saved on a floppy disk, and the work then left untouched for seventeen years.

Throughout her schooling years, Chrissie excelled at writing and drawing, using it as an escape in her turbulent teen years and emerging into adulthood with plenty of fodder for her creative career.

A gypsy at heart, Chrissie moved out of traditional housing into a bare metal delivery truck several years ago, and taught herself to build it into a comfortable tiny house.


Today, Chrissie travels around the pretty corners of Queensland working on her stories and illustrations with an ever-changing view of beaches, rivers and parks. She also works in disability care, paints murals and pet portraits, and runs her own pet sitting business.

As the future unfolds, Chrissie will be publishing more children’s books, a book on her personal experience of Vanlife, and also plans to illustrate books for other authors.