Alfredo is a bird, but he thinks he’s a dog. His best friends are dogs, after all. He’s scared of water, and can’t work out why people call him Polly. When he’s kidnapped by some hapless humans who lose him to some slightly less hapless pirates, he not only makes a friend in the form of a piratical parrot but learns to accept his true nature. He learns to fly, befriends an eagle, plays Twister with a kingfisher, has a roller coaster ride through sewers and fantastic forest worlds, before landing back home with his human family.

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Alfredo and Algarth
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Alfredo is a small bird, a parrot to be more precise, who’s afraid of water. Nothing unusual in that except Alfredo is convinced he’s a dog, a Rottweiler, a superhero dog who will defend his turf. He even barks and eats like a dog. He refuses to use his wings, preferring to walk and run on his two short legs. When he’s kidnapped and taken on a long journey far from his home, Alfredo isn’t amused when his kidnappers want to call him Polly. It isn’t a suitable name for a Rottweiler superhero. He manages to escape more than once and meets some unexpected friends along the way who help him. All he wants is to return to his home, but when one of his new friends insists he uses his wings, he realizes he must either try to fly or face capture – again. Chrissie Junge’s early chapter book, Alfredo, is a fun read for young readers. It’s not unusual for young people to want desperately to be something they aren’t and to try in every way possible to be that something else. So, they will definitely relate to a bird who thinks he’s a dog. The plot has some interesting twists and turns and a lot of humor along the way. Alfredo’s quest to return home is a compelling adventure in itself, but it’s also a quest of self-discovery, Alfredo’s quest to find himself, his true self, and to learn to love himself for who, and what he is – a parrot. The animal characters are well developed and it’s interesting that the humans (other than Alfredo’s human parents) are cast in a somewhat ridiculous light. Sweet and funny and full of adventure. Loved it!



---Emily-Jane Hills Orford

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One of the things that I admire about authors is their creativity and their perseverance. Chrissie Junge, the author of Alfredo, takes those qualities to another level! Chrissie was 12 years old, when she first began the process of writing and illustrating this book. When life got in the way, it was put on hold, until, at the age of 31 the complete book came to fruition...another product of the pandemic.
Alfredo is a novel for children who like adventure, humour and quirkiness. He is a parrot that thinks he is a Rottweiler, and he acts accordingly. When Alfredo finds himself on a strange and dangerous journey across the world with pirates, he learns to find his true self. I particularly loved the part where a game of Twister is played... one of my favourites games from back in the day, and probably one we might need to explain to little ones these days!
This book is a perfect ode to the innocence of childhood and imagination!


I had the privilege of reading this gorgeous story - Alfredo, written and illustrated by Chrissie Junge.
This book is aimed for junior readers and it is a beautiful story of a bird called Alfredo (who thinks he is a dog). Alfredo is kidnapped and then finds himself on a wild adventure while he tries to get back home. He faces pirates, meets other birds and animals and travels over land and sea before finally making his way back home!
This book is sweet and funny. If you have an early or junior reader at home they will love this book filled with adventure and gorgeous illustrations (particularly if they are an animal lover!)

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This was a read with a difference! If you've got a little reader you're going to want to buy this one for them. A lovely story about self discovery, self acceptance,  and self love written in a way that's both funny and child friendly. And to add and extra layer of awesome, the illustrations are also by the author throughout.

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Chrissie Junge is a writer of fiction for children. Her first picture book tells the story of Alfredo, (a bird who thinks he’s a dog), and his relationship with his masters; which changes when he is kidnapped. Also illustrated by Junge, this is a delightful and moving story about friendship and love when shared lives are disrupted. Alfredo takes readers on a perilous, twisted and hilarious journey into the great unknown, all the while searching for his family.

Chrissie is first and foremost passionate, and she finds passion in all those little details of an ordinary day that most of us would ignore. In Alfredo, Chrissie introduces a brave, kind, strong, determined and adventurous little bird who embraces each new day with a thirst for adventure.

There are many writers who have come and gone in my life, and Chrissie Junge soon became one of my favourite 21st-century authors. It takes commitment, dedication and above all guts to complete a children’s story initially written and illustrated by Chrissie as a 10-year-old schoolgirl.



Alfredo is a Rottweiler living with his family, the Robinsons. One awful day he is dognapped and flown off towards Spain to be bought by a stranger. Alfredo escapes, and on his journey back home to the Robinsons he has so many fantastic adventures with new friends ... and learns he's not a Rottweiler!


This first chapter book is perfect for young readers who love superheroes that sometimes get things wrong ... but mostly get things right.