Alfredo is a bird, but he thinks he’s a dog. His best friends are dogs, after all. He’s scared of water, and can’t work out why people call him Polly. When he’s kidnapped by some hapless humans who lose him to some slightly less hapless pirates, he not only makes a friend in the form of a piratical parrot but learns to accept his true nature. He learns to fly, befriends an eagle, plays Twister with a kingfisher, has a roller coaster ride through sewers and fantastic forest worlds, before landing back home with his human family.

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Each sold book of Alfredo will raise money and awareness for Perth pet rescue sanctuary, Katie’s Birds, with hope for a better future for our feathered friends.

Alfredo and Algarth
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Chrissie Junge is a writer of fiction for children. Her first picture book tells the story of Alfredo, (a bird who thinks he’s a dog), and his relationship with his masters; which changes when he is kidnapped. Also illustrated by Junge, this is a delightful and moving story about friendship and love when shared lives are disrupted. Alfredo takes readers on a perilous, twisted and hilarious journey into the great unknown, all the while searching for his family.

Chrissie is first and foremost passionate, and she finds passion in all those little details of an ordinary day that most of us would ignore. In Alfredo, Chrissie introduces a brave, kind, strong, determined and adventurous little bird who embraces each new day with a thirst for adventure.

There are many writers who have come and gone in my life, and Chrissie Junge soon became one of my favourite 21st-century authors. It takes commitment, dedication and above all guts to complete a children’s story initially written and illustrated by Chrissie as a 10-year-old schoolgirl.



Alfredo is a Rottweiler living with his family, the Robinsons. One awful day he is dognapped and flown off towards Spain to be bought by a stranger. Alfredo escapes, and on his journey back home to the Robinsons he has so many fantastic adventures with new friends ... and learns he's not a Rottweiler!


This first chapter book is perfect for young readers who love superheroes that sometimes get things wrong ... but mostly get things right.