One of the central themes of my book ‘Alfredo’ is the concept of home, and how important home is to my colourful and courageous main character.

Parrots can be difficult to keep as pets, and require a lot of time and attention. They can be noisy, destructive, clingy, bitey ... the list goes on.

Countless animals are given up for adoption when the reality of owning the pet doesn’t live up to the expectation.

There are many pet rescues and shelters that are working wonders with these beautiful unwanted animals. They lovingly feed, train, nurture, medicate, and rehabilitate these forgotten or mistreated creatures, readying them for a second chance at a better life.

The benefits of adopting a pet are huge. Listing them all would cost me triple in printing my book, and for you buying it, but it’s all there at your fingertips on the internet.

I’d like to extend a warm thank you to the big-hearted people who are working tirelessly, making every unwanted animal feel secure and whole again.

Supporting your local shelter is helping the little guys, the ones with no voices, who can’t speak up about their suffering.


During pre-sale and Alfredo’s physical launch, each sold book of Alfredo raised money and awareness for Perth pet rescue sanctuary, Katie’s Birds, helping plan for a better future for our feathered friends.

Katie's Birds looks after a sanctuary in Perth where they rehabilitate tame birds with special needs.

We've joined with Katie to continue her awesome work with looking after our feathered friends. You can find out more about Katie and her work, below, and visit her website (here) to find out more.

Katie's Birds:

"Since 2015 when I first started caring for birds, I have rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed well over 500 surrendered birds, including many bird wildlife that I have rehabbed and released ( in fact a few of my lovely patreon supporters have helped in the release process,) 

Over the last few years I have found myself gravitating toward special needs birds such as birds suffering with FDB (feather destructive behaviour) & physically disabled birds, so now these are going to be my primary focus. this also mean I don't have to go through the sad part of rehoming birds as often as I have had to in the past with the amount I had been taking in. so looking forward to slowing it down a bit and concentrating on these gorgeous birds who need that extra TLC, also probably one of the things I enjoy the most about keeping birds is creating the beautiful habitats for them to live in, like I was inspired all those years ago, so now I have more time to tinker with decorating and spending more time with my birds.”

Katie's Birds and Alfredo Chrissie Junge

Katie's Birds

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